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Opening Your Pool


Here’s what we do:

  • Remove plugs from skimmer & return inlets
  • Remove light winterizing plugs & install lights
  • Install ladder &/or diving board (if equipped)
  • Replace plugs in pump and heater (if equipped)

If sand filter:

  • Re-install drain plug, pressure gauge & sight glass
  • Re-install backwash hose (if equipped)
  • Switch filter head to ‘filtration’

If cartridge filter:

  • Re-install drain plug & pressure gauge
  • Re-assemble cartridges & filter body
  • Re-fasten clamp assembly

If pool water level is sufficient:

  • Prime pump & re-establish water circulation
  • Check plumbing system for leaks
  • Test heater operation

If pool needs to be topped up:

  • Test pump motor operation
  • Pump water off tarp
  • Remove & fold up tarp/leaf net/safety cover
  • Empty & roll up water bags

*(if there is a winter cover, add $100 + hst)*

*(if there is a large amount of debris to be removed from cover, an additional $100 surcharge may apply)*

(for an additional $50 + hst, we can supply a chemical opening kit (non-chlorine shock, algaecide & stain remover)


Print Pool Opening Service Flyer

Building Your Pool

Kemptville Pool & Spa specializes in quality pools and pool products at affordable prices. Our commitment is to build an inviting pool for you that will add beauty and value to your home. With many shapes and sizes to choose from, we have one that will turn your ordinary backyard into a stunning backyard escape!

Go beyond the basic pool and choose from a variety of special additions and products to compliment your pool. Our professional construction crew will carefully install your pool and any options that you have selected. You will enjoy the view around your pool as well as the time that you spend in it.

At Kemptville Pool & Spa, we offer products that are proven to be reliable and durable. We ensure quality at every turn with our advanced construction process and products with proven outstanding performance. Your pool will also be protected by a full warranty, providing a lifetime of recreation and fun.

We want each customer to feel comfortable with the construction process, so we welcome any questions or concerns at all times. Contact us today for more information.

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